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"How Kezia Barnett creates her whimsical works of art using AI"

Stuff Article by Felicity Monk, October 23, 2022

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Creating unique & cinematic worlds for over twenty years KEZIA has shot all over the world. An award-winning Film Director, with a Fine Arts Degree and a Daily Photo habit (since 1997) she now turns her curious eye, keen imagination & cinematic storytelling to AI, bringing a certain magic to her work. 


Film Website 
Photography Website


Film Stills

Created by KEZIAI on each day of 2023 using each day's date as prompt.

Descriptions created by running each image through image to text, then asking chat GPT to make a scene description from the resulting text.

Fairytale Dreams
Evolving AI 'Fairytale Dreams' inspired by Web3

1/1 NFTs. Minting in batches.

Like a film, you meet the characters as they turn up, discover their stories as they are told. Who's going to show up next? What's going to happen ...

'Bubblegum Queen' inspired by trait factions in the Aipes NFT community.

'Flying Bed' inspired by KEZIAI's experience with chronic illness.

'Ethereum Forest': where Ethereum Trees grow and Ethereum Fairies live.


KEZIAI & Fairytale Dreams & 2023

Selection & Exhibition

Take a Bow

Selected as part of Return of the Valley, Part III, Curated Collection, by Obscura Dao.

January 2023

collector: Alejandro Cartagena 

I Give You My Heart

Selected as part of Return of the Valley, Curated Collection, by Obscura Dao.

January 2023

collector: Studio 137

Retro Future Vision

Selected as part of Uncanny Valley, Curated Collection, by Obscura Dao.

Exhibited at Mecenate Art Gallery, Rome, December 2022

collector: Studio 137

Mecenate Art Gallery, Rome
December 2022, Art Week. 

Retro Future Vision, exhibited as part of Uncanny Valley, a Curated Collection by Obscura Dao.

December 2022


KEZIA is a multidisciplinary artist, photographer, and award-winning film director from New Zealand with over two decades of experience creating unique cinematic worlds. She travelled the world directing international commercials, filming for brands like HSBC, Mastercard, Cadbury Ponds etc., since 2004. Also directing short films, music videos, and with a penchant for filming dance her work has won numerous awards, accolades and been selected for festivals, exhibitions.

Now, with chronic illness, unable to be onset, she is exploring the world of AI, as KEZIAI. AI gives her a voice again offering relief, revelation and liberation. Passionate about concept, visual storytelling, and technology, KEZIAI is fascinated by the possibilities of AI in photography, art, filmmaking, animation, 3D, and interactive art.

Forever inquisitive and learning, with a rich imagination and a wealth of experience, KEZIAI experiments from bed.

KEZIA’S art has been exhibited in galleries including Mecenate Fine Art Gallery during Rome Art Week ‘22 and Real Thoughts ‘23, as well as at The Black Box NFT art festival at the Lower Drawn Gallery during NFTNYC ‘23. She’s been featured in articles and spoken about her work and AI at “Future Slam” at The Auckland Museum.

KEZIAI holds a BFA in Intermedia (Time-Based Media) from Elam School of Fine Art, and has been documenting her daily life through a “Daily Photo” since 1997.



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Interview with KEZIAI


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Fairytale Dreams Fairytales created by collectors with ChatGPT, using NFT traits in a formula. Listen to the fairytales read out loud.


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Fireside chat with AIPES founder, artist, developer KIN GAPE.


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Fanzo talks with Fairytale Dreams about his journey into creating with AI & ADHD


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